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The Linda K. Woody Memorial Foundation believes that early childhood development is critical in helping individuals become independent and self-sustaining. The Foundation was developed as a community resource for individuals and families in the region by assisting them in developing life skills and thus, improve the quality of their lives. The Foundation was incorporated in 1999.

The initial charter of the Linda K. Woody Memorial Foundation was to address "life issues" for families in the community by offering education and support services. The Foundation conducted research to assess the needs of Bridger Valley. Through focus groups and feedback from the community, the Foundation learned that affordable and dependable childcare, which would meet the erratic work schedules of people employed in the area, was critical.

The first project of the Foundation was to build a childcare center staffed with professionals to serve the community. In 2009, the goal of a professional childcare facility was realized with the opening of the Children’s Learning Foundation in Mountain View, Wyoming. On opening day, the center had over 80 enrollees and the number of students continues to increase.

With the construction of the Children’s Learning Foundation complete and the facility now in operation, the goal to expand the operating hours of the facility to a full 24-hours a day, 7-days a week center is now a priority. In addition, the Board of Directors of the Linda K. Woody Foundation is now focusing attention on expanding the services of the center as well as addressing other pressing needs that confront the community, including:

Drug and alcohol counseling, prevention and cessation programs Providing a wide range of programs in the community may help to remove some of the barriers that might otherwise prevent people from seeking assistance, guidance and/or counseling in other larger markets because of the time and distance required to travel to these locations. The knowledge that these resources are within reach locally also serves as a catalyst for individuals to seek out this assistance. vb1_2020

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